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Welcome to welcomintgs.tk, an ever-growing collection of free online jigsaw puzzles. Albums on the left have hundreds of free jigsaw puzzles already - feel free to explore and play it all. Or, bookmark and check this page daily for a cool Puzzle of the Day! Welcome to Jigidi! Welcome to our global and social community of online jigsaw puzzle makers and solvers. We have hundreds of new and free online puzzles games for you every day - made by creative and generous puzzle creators from all over the world. ♥. Feb 14,  · You can browse for the pictures and click on it to play a puzzle game. Get to play a new free jigsaw puzzle game every day. It is a complete family gaming app that supports all the people of different age group. All you need is to choose the difficulty of the puzzle according to the player.

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Puzzles have entertained mankind for ages. Today, we will be looking at some of the best iPad puzzle games available. This game requires you to draw free jigsaw puzzle games for ipad to collect colored circles around the screen.

The hard part? You have to draw in a pattern which repeats itself in a loop to do so. There are black free jigsaw puzzle games for ipad to avoid, so your loop must be drawn with care. Believe me, it is harder than in looks. Countless solutions exist for each level, but you can enjoy trying, and sometimes failing, to come up with even one of them. Broken Age is a great example of how Kickstarter has benefited the game development world. This story-based graphic adventure is completely hand-painted to bring users an amazing puzzle experience.

Broken Age follows the story of two teenagers in similar situations living in two completely different worlds, free jigsaw puzzle games for ipad. Players switch between the two teens to help them through free jigsaw puzzle games for ipad adventures. The crowdfunding money has been used well, as Broken Age sports a wonderful soundtrack too.

This game mixes light and dark to create a beautiful world of contrasts which is a pleasure to look at and interact with. The starring character is a blob named Petit and your job is to navigate him to safety using pull, swipe, tap gadgets and even by altering the landscape. A professionally orchestrated soundtrack fits the visual beauty of Contre Jour and there are over different levels to keep you busy. Cut the Rope is an innovative puzzle game with a simple idea, all you have to do is cut the rope.

Sounds easy right? Wrong, this game makes cutting a rope a lot more challenging. With the addition of obstacles, you must cut the rope at the right time in the right places in order to deliver a piece of candy to the cute little monster, OmNom, free jigsaw puzzle games for ipad. This game is updated regularly and has many variant games too, so that you always have new puzzles to swing your fingers at. Read our full review of Cut the Rope.

I was quite disappointed when the Hitman game made exclusively for iOS turned out to be a board game, instead of what we have been used to on consoles. But when I finally had a chance to get my hands on this board game, it was very hard to put down. Hitman Go brings players into a turn-based strategy game. Players must utilize different tools of spy craft to navigate around the board and to avoid unwanted attention from other pieces on the board.

What helps Isoland stand out the most is the incredible art. Each seemingly hand-drawn scene free jigsaw puzzle games for ipad like something out of a graphic novel, and exploring this free jigsaw puzzle games for ipad is half the fun of the game. The other half of the fun comes through in the puzzles that hold the keys to progressing in the game.

Each puzzle you come across is different than the last, and with no instruction, you must use clues and intuition to make it through. This is a great puzzle game for people who get tired of playing the same type of puzzle over and over, but the downside is that since it is story based, you do eventually reach an end. Lyne is a unique game of lines and shapes.

There are different shapes which you connect together by lines. The catch, you cannot visit the same shape twice, or intersect the lines. Things get crammed up pretty quickly as the number of shapes, limited line selection and modular shapes come into play. Over levels are available to keep you entertained, at my casual pace, that offers days, if not weeks, of fun. You can unlock different color pallets in Lyne, to make the game even more interesting and variable.

It is a puzzle game that lets you manipulate crazy impossible architectures to guide a silent princess through multi-level monuments. Hidden paths and optical illusions make Monument Valley a difficult game that will keep you guessing at every turn. The simplistic design of a highly complex architecture is as awe-striking as it is beautiful.

And the subtle audio effects add more value for the money, so keep your headphones ready. Read our full review of Monument Valley. With many versions to choose from, the New York Times Crossword is possibly the most well known.

Now, you can have the daily newspaper issue of the game delivered directly to your iPad. It is hard to explain the game in words but is really easy to get started. Each level is randomly generated and different so that you have an endless supply of grids to fill in. For those people, Outfolded is their game, free jigsaw puzzle games for ipad.

Upon opening the app, your presented with three statements — Slow down, Relax, Take your time. Soft music and harmonic tones for each move accompany you through each level, and if you get stuck, you have unlimited undos. To do so, you have a multitude of tools at your disposal for each level, including fans, paddles, doors and more. The developers have found very clever ways for you to control the tools on the levels — making something that looks complicated, fairly simple.

Game play is a matter of sliding around pearls to collect orbs and reach the finishing tile, which is easier said than done. A professional composed soundtrack and hand-painted art just pops up all your senses.

One of the most popular games for Windows, Myst, has found a new foothold in the mobile world, free jigsaw puzzle games for ipad. It is a point-and-click adventure full of puzzles. This is the kind of puzzle game that will keep you glued to your iPad for hours, even if this is not your first time at the helm of this famous game, with its iconic music score and the daunting puzzles. Without ruining the story, Riven picks up where Myst ends off, allowing you to delve further into the mysterious world of puzzles.

The attention to detail and high quality graphics have made Riven for iPad one of most popular in this class of game and for the same reason, it is one of the largest puzzle apps out there.

It takes up a whopping 1. The aim of free jigsaw puzzle games for ipad game is pretty straight forward. Topple your block along the board and match the colored sides to the colored squares. This can get frustrating at times, but the atmospheric sounds and music in this game top notch, almost meditative. If you plug in some great headphones and turn on free jigsaw puzzle games for ipad game, you can easily kill a few hours.

You have blocks of random shapes and sizes that all fit together like a Tetris puzzle, but instead of stacking them, your goal is to make them disappear. This game quickly becomes challenging and requires some quick wit to be successful. The Room 3 is a puzzle-based escape game with a heavy focus on graphics.

In this game, you use an innovative control system to navigate a 3D world of intricate puzzles, that will keep you thinking as you explore. I say familiar, but certainly not bored! While this game looks minimalistic and is easy to learn, it also gives you hours of fun as it becomes more difficult as you play.

Each game is different and changes with how you play. Oh and it has no in-app purchases which I personally adore in a game. You just link like-colored dots to make as long of a connection as possible. Complete a polygon and all dots of the color go poof. Different from their first game Dots, TwoDots brings new environments to the screen as you will visit Arctic tundras, fiery jungles, depths of the oceans and more, free jigsaw puzzle games for ipad.

Without having to race against a clock, you can play at your own pace and find your own way through every puzzle. The Apple App Store has dozens more great puzzle games for the iPad, it was really hard to pick just 20 of them for our best list today. Most of our choices today are for complex games, but we were sure to add a few minimalist apps as well. With all the great apps out there, what is your favorite puzzle game?

Please feel free to share your favorite puzzle games for your iPad in the comments below. Sign up now! Name: Subject: Message:. The Best 20 best puzzle games for the iPad. The Best 20 best puzzle games for the iPad Love puzzle games and need some recommendations?

Here are the best puzzle games available for your iPad. Love puzzle games and need some recommendations? Download from iTunes Now. Download Now on iTunes. Apple Disney Games iPad. AppleDisneyGamesiPad. Leave a comment.

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free jigsaw puzzle games for ipad


Apr 19,  · • Play puzzles with the piece count that you like for easy relaxation or for more of a challenge - from 6 pieces up to pieces on iPhone, or all the way up to pieces on iPad! • For expert players, you can play with pieces that rotate!/5(K). Aug 29,  · A game where the only limit is your imagination, Scribblenauts Remix asks players to dream up their own solutions to 50 puzzles pulled from the best levels of Scribblenauts and Super Scribblenauts. The Word Pass upgrade (which requires an in-app purchase) increases the number of levels to more than Apr 19,  · Totally Free Jigsaw Puzzles! • Play puzzles with the piece count that you like for easy relaxation or for more of a challenge - from 6 pieces up to pieces on iPhone, or all the way up to pieces on iPad! • For expert players, you can play with pieces that rotate! • Puzzle pieces automatically snap onto to the board, starting at the corners.