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GPS, Nokia Maps and Mobile GMaps Tutorials I have created 2 tutorials for: 1) GPS activation on N95 2) Nokia Maps installation and use on N95 1) GPS Data The N95 has of course an internal GPS Global Positioning System. This means you can locate where ever you are in the world (in theory).Author: Sjc. It is a con that limits the utility of GPS in Nokia N95 significantly. Nonetheless, there is another application that can be applied thanks to the integrated GPS module - Nokia Sports Tracker. There is more options on free GPS navigation for Symbian: amAze GPS for J2ME devices with Bluetooth GPS receiver which may run on Symbian too, Nav4All the Java-based voice-guided navigation system which supports Bluetooth GPS and integrated GPS in Nokia N95 and Nokia Author: Spectator.

Swifty Nougat: Free GPS map navigation for Nokia Symbian phone

This is also a review of the Smart2go mapping and navigation systemreleased to the world by Nokia recently, gps navigation app for nokia n95.

The launch of Nokia's Smart2go system in February marked a sea change in the way mapping and navigation worked, at least in terms of smartphones and handheld devices. The other solution was to simply have a small client application on the mobile device and load up routes, map segments and calculated directions over the Internet, usually by signing up again for the one device with the appropriate Internet service. In latter times, basic mapping and route planning have been free using this technique, with the likes of Google Maps.

Each solution had its downsides. The second solution's downside was cost again and also a dependence on the network - gps navigation app for nokia n95 you got really lost then the chances are that you'd drive out of network coverage area and you wouldn't then be able to plan a way back. With Smart2go initially developed by gate5, subsequently bought up by Nokia in midthis traditional either-or scenario is turned on its head completely. Not least because the software and maps are basically completely free, for as many devices as you care to load it up on.

The idea is that detailed street maps of virtually the entire world are made available for free, along with route calculation and display of your GPS position if required, should you own a Bluetooth GPS.

There's the option to have all maps stored on your expansion card or to grab them as needed over GPRS or 3G data, so you can plump for the option that's best for you, gps navigation app for nokia n95. So how can Nokia afford to give this away for free? The idea is that if you wanted to upgrade the system to 'Navigation', i.

We really, really like this kind of 'pay as you go' licensing for navigation. Effectively, gps navigation app for nokia n95, it means that you can keep any maps you want on any devices you want S60 or Windows Mobile and gps navigation app for nokia n95 them as much or as little as required, all for free.

Then when you plan a trip and are going to stray from your familiar area, you license navigation on whichever device is going to be your main companion for a week or month for example and you're done. Nothing extra gps navigation app for nokia n95 install, you don't even have to get your credit card out. Really rather neat. I suppose I ought to mention the N95 at some point, lest you be wondering why I'm talking about Smart2go at all.

It's nice to have the core gps navigation app for nokia n95 pre-installed, but you obviously still have to get your maps in the usual way, by direct download as-needed or by using the PC-based Smart2go MapLoader to grab entire countries and pack them onto your expansion card. The process is fairly straightforward, but it's also tediously slow, as MapLoader needs hours rather than minutes to do its thing - best to leave it going overnight - and Nokia, if you're reading this, please use some of your Smart2go navigation revenue to upgrade your servers.

Pretty please. The main difference between a standard S60 or WinMob smartphone running Smart2go and Nokia Maps on the N95 is of course that the latter version is tightly integrated with the N95's built-in GPS receiver.

Yup - you read that right - it's built-in, so no messing around with or charging a separate Bluetooth GPS. I'm not entirely sure exactly where the GPS antenna is, but Nokia do say to open the keypad for best performance and this is borne out in practice.

In my experience, lock-on can be up to in absolute worst case two minutes even when the N95 hasn't moved from the spot where you last used its GPS, with satellite lock being disrupted more easily by buildings than with my two year old TomTom SiRF II GPS. The core GPS-related function for most users will be road navigation - paying to upgrade it to Navigation status was the very first thing I did.

In the last three years, quite a few ways of navigating using your smartphone have come to prominence. Maps on the N95 was always intuitive. For every occasion when I thought 'Now, how do I do that? An access point is needed for grabbing of maps that aren't already downloaded, for grabbing voices a one-time operation and gps navigation app for nokia n95 grabbing extra or updated category information. Address searches take between ten seconds and thirty seconds for the UK.

Once matched, just click through to see the search result Route planning was as good as most of the above and substantially better than CoPilot Live, based on my tests. Again, impressive when you consider that this aspect of the software is free.

Voice guidance the actual voice samples are grabbed from the Internet after you've selected a language is clear, loud and effective and I had no complaints. During navigation, audio volume is handily placed on the Options menu. Once activated, gps navigation app for nokia n95, you can 'Navigate to', to bring up real time turn instructions and voice commands The alternative to 'Navigation' is non-real-time route planning, shown above, both graphically and in text. A GPS position indicator will be shown if appropriate, but with a very small icon, meaning that for practical purposes you really need the Navigation upgrade if you're going a-driving You'll notice from most of the screenshots that on-screen mapping defaults to 2D rather than the 3D view popularised by TomTom.

Smart2go does include a 3D view just press '0' to togglebut I found the top-down version easier to understand. This generally works well, but the algorithm sometimes got confused and had the scale zooming in and out rather erratically see my notes on it being 'beta' below. There's an option to plan for journeys 'on foot', but unless you walk at reasonable speed and exercise common sense, Smart2go's instructions can be confusing to follow - when on foot, it's easier to simply use the free mapping in conjunction with the displayed GPS position.

To add in the fact that the N95 doesn't need a standalone GPS receiver, with one less device to charge, is another distinct benefit, although it should be noted that the N95's battery life isn't exactly stellar and that prolonged GPS use with screen backlight on i. I'd estimated that a fully charged N95 would only last an hour or two at most in this mode, gps navigation app for nokia n95.

My recommendation and my own practice is to have the N95 charging from my car's 12V socket while driving - so no worries about running out of power, in fact the opposite, with the device usually fully charged by the time you arrive at your destination.

In the interests of completeness I should mention that I've experienced a few funny freezes and oddities with Smart2go, both standalone installed on my N93 and on the N Still, it's still listed as 'BETA' on the Smart2go web site and the N95's firmware is still very new, so I'd expect free updates to both fairly shortly and this will undoubtedly improve reliability.

As with other mapping systems, Smart2go includes over 40 points of interest 'categories' and, as with its competitors, these are somewhat erratically populated.

Again, this might be an indication of beta gps navigation app for nokia n95, but I don't hold out that much hope. At least the main categories have useful entries, e. Searching for results in the supplied Smart2go 'categories'.

Category entries have details and are contactable, gps navigation app for nokia n95, as you'd expect. Any location whether you're there or just browsing the map can be saved as a 'landmark' favouritefor easy navigation at a later date, plus there's the novel option to send any location via text, email, Bluetooth, etc. Finally, Smart2go has an integrated ecommerce system for 'City guides', I'll be looking at these in a separate article, gps navigation app for nokia n95, but suffice it so say for now that these seem to be of variable depth and quality.

And so to the bottom line. Has Nokia's attempt at integrating mapping, navigation and GPS into a smartphone succeeded? Does it make the N95 significantly more attractive than any other for example S60 3rd Edition smartphone? In truth, it's hard to say yes to this, although you may be lusting after the N95 for other reasons, of course, such as for the 5 megapixel camera, DVD video recording, large screen, Feature Pack 1, and so on.

But for new smartphone users, the simplicity of having everything in the one device can't be overstated. Aside from the slowish startup time and questionable GPS reception in dense cities, it's quite fantastic to have your accurate position available on demand and to be able to get guidance home, gps navigation app for nokia n95, by car or on foot, from anywhere on the Earth's surface.

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gps navigation app for nokia n95


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