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If you do attempt to use the iPad (Retina) and your development system doesn't have a large enough display, you will need to scroll right to left and up and down to see the entire device screen. Supporting the iPad's Retina Display. On March 7, , Apple announced the third-generation iPad, which is officially called "the new iPad."Author: Wallace B. Mcclure. Mar 21,  · Cupertino, California — Apple today updated its most popular-sized iPad, featuring a brighter inch Retina display and best-in-class performance at its most affordable price ever, starting at $ (US).Designed for unmatched portability and ease of use, along with incredible performance and all-day battery life, iPad is the world’s most popular tablet and the primary computing device. Jul 30,  · iOS Simulator > Hardware > Device iPad iPad (Retina) iPhone iPhone (Retina inch) iPhone (Retina 4 inch) I want to make different XIBs for all these devices. But I want to know the way. as I see there are two options in Xib Attribute Inspector. Xib Attribute Inspector > Size Freeform Retina Full Screen Retina 4 Full Screen Though there.

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Wallace B. McClure Aug 30, Since its release in Marchthe iPad has taken the world by storm. For more information on mobile development, ipad xib retina, see " Mobile Development Options for. Here are some interesting facts that we have seen over the past few years along with some market share analysis:. No matter how you slice the data, tablet usage is growing, and the iPad is currently leading the pack.

The question for. NET developers is "How can I get me some of that? NET developers to leverage their C and, ipad xib retina. NET coding skills to develop iPad applications. MonoTouch has supported the iPad since the initial release of the iOS 3. In this article, we'll look at targeting the iPad and how we can take advantage of iPad-specific features in our iOS applications written with MonoTouch. Apple has done a good job of supporting iPad application developers -- for example, by carrying over familiar iPhone development concepts.

At a basic level, programming the iPad is just like programming an iPhone, except that developers have more screen real estate. Figure 1: Creating a new project for an iPad application in MonoDevelop.

Once you have created a new iPad project, one item to notice in MonoDevelop is in the project properties. Within the project properties, you can set the type of application i. After your application is compiled, the next step is to determine how to debug the application. For this article, I'm assuming that you're familiar ipad xib retina the debugging process in MonoDevelop.

Have you noticed that you can select the type of device you will debug with? Figure 3 shows the type of display you will see if you are debugging a universal application.

As you can see in Figure 3, you have the option of debugging with either the iPhone Simulator or iPad Simulator. Figure 3: MonoDevelop debugger for a universal application. The next step in the process of looking at ipad xib retina tools is to investigate what the iOS Simulator provides. Most iPhone developers are familiar with the Simulator. In Figure 4, you can see two different features of the Simulator. Figure 4: iOS Simulator. On March 7,Apple announced the third-generation iPad, which is officially called "the new iPad.

This is four times the display resolution of the first- ipad xib retina second-generation iPads, which had x pixels of resolution. As one can imagine, the update to the iPad has presented the user with amazing graphical capabilities.

MonoTouch and MonoDevelop support the various icon types used in the new iPad. This takes care of the built-in image in iOS for Retina displays, ipad xib retina. What about the images that are a part of your application? Fortunately, handling those images is easy and ipad xib retina built-in capability. For example, if you have an image named image. Once you include the higher-resolution image in your project, go ahead and load the image. On a non-Retina display, the device will load the image.

Now let's walk through the process of building a native iPad application in MonoTouch -- which is fairly similar to building ipad xib retina iPhone application. Let's start by building a ipad xib retina application. We'll use this project as a base example. The resulting project has an iPhone- and an iPad-specific. Figure 6: A new universal application project created in MonoDevelop. When you start to dig into the code, you will notice ipad xib retina AppDelegate.

The next step is to design the. Just as with the iPhone, developers can open a. Along with the universal application in iOS, there is an associated Universal View Controller that can be used in your application. In addition, the Universal View Controller also has a. Note: Although it seems obvious that there would be a Universal View Controller, this is something I did not see for the longest time because I didn't see the vertical scrollbar on the right side of the screen when MonoTouch provided initial iPad support.

I was programmatically creating user interfaces, which can be a little bit daunting when developers first take up a platform that is new to them. Now that you've seen the iPad and understand the basics of a universal application, let's dig into the iPad a little bit deeper. This class is a container that allows a developer to manage two view controllers, which are displayed side by side.

This class will be used to implement a master-detail interface. The left side of the display will be a list of items; the right side will present the detail information of the selected item from the left. It is in charge of the presentation of two child view controllers, the master and detail controllers, and the transitions between the various orientations of the device, ipad xib retina. Let's take a look at the code used with the controller.

This code is within the AppDelegate. This code will set up the necessary controllers. Ipad xib retina, the MonoTouch projects have this code already built for developers. Now that we've seen the UISplitViewController at a high level, ipad xib retina, let's dig into using it in our universal application a little bit ipad xib retina. One of ipad xib retina common scenarios for an iPad app is that of displaying the data in a master-detail display.

Let's look at an example display that I created in the iPad, shown in Figure 8. I'll walk through the key parts of this code in the following sections. Figure 8: Example master-detail display on an iPad. Filling the master controller of the app is actually a simple operation.

In this example, there is just a static list of search terms. These search terms are stored in a. NET list of type string. When the application loads and the master controller is displayed, the loading occurs. This is done via the ViewDidLoad method of ipad xib retina master controller and is shown in the following single line of code as:.

Now, I'm sure that you are wondering about the DataSource object. This is a single class that has been created and is an object that you create. Let's look at the code for this, shown in Listing 1. The main thing to notice in this code is that this is just a table data source — a topic that I covered in detail in my article on MonoTouch tables and data.

The key part of the code to look at is the RowSelected method. In this method, the code will send the ipad xib retina to the SetDetailItem method that is exposed in the DetailViewController, ipad xib retina. In this method, shown in the code example below, we will do two things:. There are valid needs to display a button in the navigation bar of an iPad application. Buttons are not particular to the iPad, but as a result of the increased screen space, it's likely that you'll need to add a button to an iPad app.

Adding a button is a fairly simple operation in MonoTouch. The button is set up in code in our RootViewController. Developers who would like to add a button in a slightly different way can do so using code that looks something like this:.

Clicked event has been set up. The button has been added to the NavigationItem, and it is displayed on the right side. When you work with the iPad, one of the first things you think about is the swipe action. With the swipe, we have an option to update the user interface based on a finger sliding left or right as well as up or down.

When a user performs the swipe, the program needs to detect the swipe and then operate on it. The question then becomes: How does the program detect the swipe?

In all honesty, performing a swipe is not specific to the iPad. However, ipad xib retina, given the iPad's increased display size, the swipe action is more commonly performed in the iPad, ipad xib retina. Let's look at the code necessary for the swipe operation. The next piece of code that will have to be created is the SwipeRecognizerDelegate.

Here is the code for this:. The result of this code is that when a user moves a finger across the screen, the swipe is processed, and the direction of the code swipe is presented to the user as text explaining the swipe detection. However, swipes are used by many applications that run on the iPad, so it is acceptable to mention them here.

FYI, there are gesture recognizers in iOS, but the swipe gesture recognizer is the only one that we will work with when dealing with the iPad. As you've seen here, ipad xib retina, developing for the iPad is similar to developing for the iPhone.

In addition to the items that I've discussed, there are other features that developers will encounter. Some of these features include the UIScrollView and the gratuitous page curl that makes for great demos. Programming for the iPad is an easy step from programming for the iPhone.


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Now the iPad has a Retina display the tech world is more obsessed with pixels than ever, but what is a Retina display and why is it so good?Author: Carrie Marshall. Nov 22,  · In my application, I am having trouble showing iPad Retina images. I know I have to use the @2x~welcomintgs.tk extension in order to get them to properly show and I do that. My images are named according so they are all named the same besides the extension for each device. Mar 21,  · Cupertino, California — Apple today updated its most popular-sized iPad, featuring a brighter inch Retina display and best-in-class performance at its most affordable price ever, starting at $ (US).Designed for unmatched portability and ease of use, along with incredible performance and all-day battery life, iPad is the world’s most popular tablet and the primary computing device.